Establishing deep liquidity on BitTorrent

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Establishing deep liquidity on BitTorrent.

What is Bitlend?

Enter the Land of Next Generation Lending

Bitlend is a fast, low cost, decentralized lending platform native to the BitTorrent Chain.

The protocol is permissionless, transparent, and non-custodial.

Cube Pioneer on BitTorrent
Cube Increasing Capital Efficiency
Cube Bulletproof Security

Unlock capital efficiency.

Utilize your collateral to borrow from Bitlend fast and without slippage


Lend your assets to earn yield

Lenders receive bTokens that are redeemable at any time for underlying principle and interest.

The future of DeFi is secure.

A thoroughly tested, robust protocol.

With time tested smart contracts and multiple audits by Peck Shield and Oxorio

PeckShield Oxorio

Help us find any bugs or vulnerabilities.

Up to $50,000 in rewards on Immunefi.